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"SMART NETS" Features

  • 6" stub handle accepts standard pool handles.
  • Aircraft grade solid aluminum rod frame for extra strength and long life.
  • Shallow net depth to protect fish during handling.
  • Black net decreases visibility.
  • All nets and edge protectors are easily replaceable.
SKU Description Price Order
8004 Smart Nets 20-inch 55.8 Buy Now
8005 Smart Nets 25-inch 62 Buy Now
8006 Smart Nets 30-inch 68 Buy Now

"Hagen Easy Catch" Net

  • 6" net
  • 12" handle
  • Fine, soft mesh for fragile fish
  • Tightly woven
  • Reduced chance of catching gills or barbs
  • Completely plasticized
  • Non toxic
SKU Description Price Order
8001 10-inch Hagen Easy Catch Net 4 Buy Now
8003 8-inch Hagen Easy Catch Net 3.5 Buy Now
8002 3-inch Aquarium Nets 2 Buy Now