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Fluke-Tabs by Aquarium Products.

Each 500mg tablet contains (methyl-5-benzol-benaimidizole-2-carbamate) and (dimethyl 2,2,2-trichloro-1-hydroxyethyl) phosphonate).

Organophosphates certainly do eliminate monogenetic trematodes, (e.g.: Flukes), with varying effectiveness, but it is known that these Monogeneans can and DO develop resistance to the compounds. The unique, carbamate-pesticide portion of this compound is the important adjunct that enhances it's parasiticidal effect.

Do not use on tropical fish from the Amazon River.   Discuses are particularly sensitive.  There is significant toxicity of the Carbamates to certain fish, most notably Discus and Catfish, who may be affected adversely.

Fluke tab treatments should not be continuous, as many types of fish, but especially the larger cyprinids (Koi and Goldfish) may experience a strange inflammatory dermatitis if the product is left in the water longer than 48 hours.  Therefore, it is recommended that you do a fifty percent water change after 48 hours, and re-treat after a 24 hour hiatus in the middle.

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