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Elite Autofeeders

Elite Autofeeders


  • Easy to use.
  • For Pellets (size 0.5~2.5mm)
  • Quiet (most motor feeders are very noisy)
  • Large capacity.
  • Reduce humidity to fish food with its special pipe design.
  • More reliable feeding and less water pollution than most motor feeders.


  • Open the back cover, put the battery by right position then close the cover.
  • The feeder can be installed with the attached fastening tape or clipper
  • Pellets-fill up to 90% of the feeder's capacity.
  • Use the controls to adjust the quantity of each feed, number of feed (1~2) per day.


  • This feeder turn 360 degree per day with maximum of feeds.
  • The moving pointer is a good indicator if battery is working right.
  • Need to clean the feeder outlet once every two-three months. Alkaline AA battery is recommended.
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Elite Autofeeder 1 ln 8.75 oz


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